Dr. M Knight for Mayor

Correction - General Funds: $159,090,407

Platform - English

Platform - Español

Why do I want to become your Mayor?

No More Potholes

I will begin my plan, which differs from the Status Quo.

First, we will examine how our $159,090,407 budget gets broken down for the various programs and initiatives. The spending must be evidence-based to match the most effective and needed programs in our City.

Secondly, we will sit down and decide our fiscal focus. We will apply for a fair portion of President Biden's 2023 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of $3.2 billion in transportation funds for MA to repair Main Street, then Airport Road, followed by other roads, potholes, and sidewalks in horrible conditions. My proposal calls for an expert to let us know the necessary inches of Asphalt needed for more durability due to our City by the River’s topography sitting on an Aquafer.

Education Reform

Fitchburg students deserve the best education and training programs to keep them engaged all year. As an experienced educator for over 23 years and an Instructional Leader specializing in transformational leadership skills, I propose an administration that will develop a strong partnership with our City to improve the educational system and begin closing the existing academic achievement gap. Under my leadership, we will implement a plan to use the necessary resources to keep our children safe, support initiatives, and drive evidence-based and effective programs. The matrix to improve education is a platform that I have envisioned, which includes the following: